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Our Team


Having first joined Brooks Rand Labs in 1992, Colin assumed ownership of the laboratory in 2001, and in 2012, successfully spun off the instrument division into what is now Brooks Rand Instruments. As President and sole owner of Brooks Rand Instruments, Colin leads his team with an MBA from the University of Washington and more than 20 years of experience in development, implementation and validation of the highest quality trace metals analytical methods and instrumentation. Despite his busy schedule, Colin doesn’t spend all his time at the office. Soccer, socializing with friends and checking out local music venues are just a few of the line items on his evening and weekend fun list.


Vice President of Operations
As the VP of Operations, James plays a key role in day-to-day operations. Since joining Brooks Rand Instruments in 2005, James has finely tuned the manufacturing process and manages the operational resources in a way that showcases his 25 years of experience in various industries, including medical devices, aircraft and analytical equipment. When he’s not leading his diverse and experienced manufacturing staff, he’s out and about enjoying family, friends and life!


Director of Instrument Development
Steve rejoined Brooks Rand Instruments in 2016 after a brief hiatus. He is responsible for all stages of product development, from problem solving and conceptual solutions through to manufacturing roll-out and post-roll-out sustaining engineering. After receipt of his Physics degree in 1992, Steve has compiled 25 years of small business experience in the analytical chemistry equipment field, with emphases on R&D, product development, customer service, and customer solutions. While not at the office, he enjoys college football, home improvement projects, an occasional weekend at the lake, and glass blowing.


Senior Assembler Technician
Candy joined Brooks Rand Instruments in 2008 and brought with her over 15 years of manufacturing experience. As Senior Assembler Technician, Candy’s main responsibilities are assembly and first level testing of manufactured instruments. It’s well known around the office that the only thing bigger than Candy’s bag of dog treats is her passion for rescuing pets. When she’s not at work taking care of instruments, she’s taking care of her pups or taking in a new four-legged friend.


Senior Electronics Technician
Sowaite is our Senior Electronics Technician, with over 15 years of technical expertise in electronics manufacturing. A valuable member of the team since 2007, Sowaite is responsible for instrument assembly, functional testing, troubleshooting and repair. An avid Seahawks fan, Sowaite’s middle name is “12th Man.” When he’s not cheering on his favorite team, he’s spending time with family or planning his next travel adventure.


Research and Development Chemist
Kristine has applied her background in chemical engineering to a variety of fields and now to environmental chemistry. Prior to moving to Seattle in 2014, Kristine worked at a small solar research start-up in Pasadena, CA and studied semiconductor materials for her M.S. from the University of Illinois. At Brooks Rand Instruments, she carries out experimental design and testing of our new and cutting-edge technologies. Outside of work, she can be found exploring the Seattle sights with her husband and dog, running, tackling random DIY/craft projects, and rooting for her alma mater football team, Stanford.


Production/Quality Control Manager
Lacie came to Seattle by way of the Nevada desert in the summer of 2014 to put her chemistry degree to use and pursue big mountain dreams. At Brooks Rand Instruments, she works on ensuring the quality control of instruments, reagents and standards, as well as assisting with technical support issues. Outside of work, Lacie enjoys getting lost in the mountains, experiencing the best of Seattle’s cuisine, and riding her bike.


Technical Support and Customer Service Manager
With over 15 years experience specializing in mercury analysis, field work, and instrumentation and a Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Chemistry from Western Washington University, Philip serves as one of Brooks Rand Instruments Technical Support and Quality Assurance Managers. His responsibilities include QA/QC oversight for new systems, reagent and standard testing, and system repairs. Philip is the point of contact for customers needing assistance with their analytical equipment or seeking expert advice in EPA Method 1630, 1631 mercury analysis, sample preparation and sampling. He also carries out system installation and in-depth user training onsite at customer facilities. Away from the workplace, Philip enjoys playing outside with his wife and daughter, skateboarding with middle aged men, sunsets, and long walks on the beach.


Material and Shipping Coordinator
Lisa's prior experience as a material handler with FedEx Express continues to come in handy as she orchestrates the daily coming and going of domestic and international shipments. Her smooth transition from one package to the next and the way she handles every item with care isn’t the only way she shines at work; her homemade desserts also take the cake! In addition to baking for friends, family and co-workers, a few of Lisa’s favorite things are reading, puppies and spending time with her husband.


Becky wasn’t just the class clown, she was a professional clown. The unique combination of an accountant’s mind and the personality of a stand-up comic is why we hired her. Becky joined Brooks Rand Inc in the summer of 2015 as the Accounting Manager. She keeps the employees happy and the books balanced! She is a native of Seattle but has also traveled the world. She is always planning her next trip. She also enjoys throwing fabulous dinner parties and catching live music whenever possible.


Administrative Assistant
Laura joined Brooks Rand Instruments in May of 2016. She is looking forward to putting her many years of varied experience to good use assisting with accounting, order processing and marketing. When away from work, she enjoys hanging out with her awesome husband, lifting heavy things at the gym, taking care of other people's cats, and traveling to warmer, sunnier places.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Brooks Rand Instruments provides a wealth of information to customers.  This open access atmosphere provides new users with all the tools necessary to produce reliable, consistent results. I would highly recommend Brooks Rand Instruments when considering your next mercury analyzer."

Shannon Dutta
Chemist Supervisor