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Distillation System

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The Brooks Rand Methylmercury Distillation System is the only commercial system specifically designed for methylmercury distillation by EPA Method 1630. This system allows for the simultaneous distillation of up to ten samples and maintains tightly controlled heating and gas flow across all ten distillation slots. This system was designed with a custom configured heating block and insulated lid to prevent sample reflux, thereby avoiding this significant issue common with more general distillation systems. Refluxing of methylmercury distillates not only slows the distillation process, but more importantly can result in poor recoveries due to significant breakdown of methylmercury.

Brooks Rand Distillation System

With the Brooks Rand distillation system, distilling water samples for methylmercury analysis is easier and more reliable than ever before. Brooks Rand has been refining the science of methylmercury distillation and analysis since 1989. Our latest distillation system is designed for ease-of-use and to ensure consistent and reliable results.

MMHg_distillation_system_02 (1)


  • Stabilized temperature within 1° C across all ten slots
  • Elimination of refluxing with total encapsulation
  • Improved precision with consistent flow rates
  • Reduced contamination with Hg removal traps


  • Easily adjustable touch pad temperature controls
  • Automatic set point temperature memory
  • Simple set-up with aligning tubing channels
  • Safe operation with auto over-temperature shutoff

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Brooks Rand Instruments provides a wealth of information to customers.  This open access atmosphere provides new users with all the tools necessary to produce reliable, consistent results. I would highly recommend Brooks Rand Instruments when considering your next mercury analyzer."

Shannon Dutta
Chemist Supervisor