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Gaseous Mercury Manual System

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The Brooks Rand air monitoring systems are ideal for collection and analysis of mercury in air. The air monitoring systems combine remote and portable sample collection with easy-to-use automated analysis for a high-throughput, cost-effective system. These systems allow for the simultaneous collection of multiple samples and rapid analysis of loaded gold amalgamation traps for an analytical throughput rate of less than 4 minutes per sample. Achievable detection limits are <0.1 ng/m3.


Referenced in EPA Method 1631 and used by leading researchers worldwide

Patented optics and electronic background correction, resulting in detector sensitivity of <0.1 pg and system sensitivity <1 pg

Embedded touch controls and automated trap desorption, integration, and calculations

Add more air sampling pumps to monitor multiple locations simultaneously


Monitor indoor or ambient air down to 0.1 ng/m3

Other Matrices
Analyze water and solids with the addition of a purge and trap module

Methyl Mercury
Simply add a few modules for methylmercury analysis

Modules Included in This System

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"The instrument support team have made doing business with BRI a rewarding experience. The MERX-T and MERX-M instruments have been workhorses in our lab the past two years."

Jeff Jeremiason