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Total Mercury Manual System

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1631 Systems

The standard Brooks Rand 1631 system combines easy to use automated analysis with manual purge and trap for a high-throughput, cost-effective system. This system consists of the Model III and the Amalgamation Control Module for automated trap analysis, along with the manual Purge and Trap Module. This semi-automated system allows for the simultaneous purging of multiple samples while previously loaded amalgamation traps are analyzed. The result is a throughput rate of less than 5 minutes per sample.


245.7 Systems

Manual 245.7 can easily be performed using the Model III, a ball flowmeter, and a multi-channel pump.

All systems come complete with the Brooks Rand Guru™ Software for system control and peak integration.

Trap Desorption Module

Can be used with the Model III for all Method 1631 systems and for total mercury air analysis and monitoring systems.

Automates analysis from gold amalgamation trap with a single keystroke from Advanced Mercury Guru™ Software.

The ACM is the same footprint as the Model III and can be stacked with the Model III, thereby taking up no additional lab bench space.

Applications For total mercury analysis of oxidized water samples (by EPA Method 1631), digested/oxidized solid samples (by Appendix to EPA Method 1631), and air samples.
Description Controls heating and cooling of gold amalgamation trap and carrier gas-flow through the trap and detector.


Purge and Trap Module

Purge and trap modules are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 5 bubbler systems to match your throughput needs and budget.

The manual purge and trap module allows ultimate flexibility for the analyst. Sample specific volumes and dilutions can be carried out to reduce the risks of overloading the system with mercury and to minimize reruns.

Applications For total mercury analysis of oxidized water samples (by EPA Method 1631) and digested/oxidized solid samples (by Appendix to EPA Method 1631).
Description Performs the reduction, volatilization, and trapping (using gold amalgamation) of oxidized liquid samples and controls the purge gas-flow rate.


Modules Included in This System

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